The website is coming along. I installed the Reviews theme today and loaded the demo content to help with the visual as I add and edit the site. All data you see throughout the website now is demo content. As I build you will gradually see all of this exit or be changed to be the actual website.

I would love to have you join the website as review websites are one of the best places to go to learn what others think about gear. Rather than read what manufacturers say about their shoes or pedometers etc. this website will have reviews by actual users of equipment. Those like you who understand that a wide doesn’t necessarily fit your foot or that the “ease” of use of a companies pedometer only applies to the assembler on the assembly line.

We are building this website because, in part, of the claims for shoes which were misleading at best and in grave error at worst. A for-instance is that certain shoes are narrower than what a standard width indicates. How can we know that? If you don’t like purchasing and sending back one pair of shoes after another until you find a pair that fit your feet then this website is for you and you can let the world know on this website.

We will, of course, be quite careful in the manner in which we rate or critique products here. Objective critique with only objective negatives is the best formula to help others. Just swearing at a company or telling others that equipment is junk is not why we’re here. It is up to the individual and we are just an information website. Also, negativity breeds itself in others and that is no way to run a great website and a great website is what I am working so hard to build for you.

We are on-time in our building so 9/16 appears to be still the opening date.